Your $20 dues ($10 annually) pay for the cost of printing the Idaho Gun Laws and pro 2nd Amendment fliers and business cards that we distribute free of charge at our monthly dinner meetings, gun stores, firearms classes, police departments and sheriff’s offices in our communities.  Your dues also pay for the fees we pay to set up our Idaho Open Carry booth at Idaho gun shows and the printing and distribution of the fliers that we hand out at these events.                                      This is not a for-profit  business, every penny goes to printing costs and gun show fees.

Join now for $20 and we will mail the below items today.

  • Idaho Open Carry patch
  • Idaho Carry, Open & Concealed window sticker
  • Idaho Carry, Open & Concealed bumper sticker
  • 2nd Amendment is about tyranny – not hunting bumper sticker
  • Gun Free Zones are Victim Zones Bumper sticker
  • Idaho Gun Laws brochure
  • 10 Idaho Carry business cards