OC Etiquette

Open Carry Etiquette

  1. When a property or business owner requests that we not Open Carry on their premises, we respond politely and leave, noting the name of the business so that we may warn those who OC to avoid that business.
  2. We always dress sharply and are courteous!  The public’s perception and acceptance of Open Carry will be enhanced or diminished by our appearance and attitude.
  3. Never remove your gun from its holster in public unless you are defending your life or the life of another.
  4. Drinking and carrying is as dangerous as drinking and driving, so use your common sense and limit your intake as you would if you were driving. 
  5. LEO’s (Law Enforcement Officers) are our allies and should be treated with respect.  However, always stealthily activate your cell phone recorder if detained by an LEO.   If he is unfamiliar with our Open Carry rights, present them with a copy of Idaho’s Open Carry laws (available at our monthly dinner or at your local gun store).  When you are being stopped by an LEO, slowly get your phone in hand before the officer approaches you because you never want them to think that you might be reaching for a gun.  If the officer is already next to you, tell him that you are reaching for your cell phone for the purpose of recording the encounter.  Just tell him that, “If I am being detained, I have a bad memory and just want to remember all of the important parts of our conversation.”