Open Carry vs Conceal Carry

  1. Open Carry is a proven visible deterrent to crime.
  2. Only the good guys Open Carry.
  3. Drawing from your side holster is 2 seconds faster with much less noticeable body movement than drawing from your back, and 3 seconds faster than drawing when sitting.
  4. It is the first target of the anti-gun lobby and the first right lost.  Consequently it is the first line of defense, and if it isn’t used, it will be taken from us followed my increased restrictions on Conceal Carry as evidenced by California, Oregon, Washington and Colorado, and many more.

However The advantage of concealed carry is that, because there are many places that don’t allow open carry, you can conceal carry almost anywhere if you have a license.  We would recommend that you open carry when possible but when you can’t, conceal carry (and take training for both).